The Church Discipline Passage

Why Matthew 18:15-20 Cannot Be “The Church Discipline” Passage

By Maury | September 2, 2018

Is Matthew 18:15-20 About Church Discipline? A friend asked me how I would interpret the famous “church discipline” passage (Matthew 18:15-20) in light of my definition of ecclesia. In what follows, I will show you the difference between reading this passage through the lens of church and the lens of love. But first, a confession.…

I'm an oddball but I'm not a loner

I’m an Oddball (But I Don’t Want to Be a Loner)

By Maury | August 28, 2018

I Look Like a Loner I wander the country alone with my wife (whom some assume I must have taken hostage). I know it’s odd. I look like a loner, a total recluse. From the outside looking in, the assumption is understandable. It could not be further from the truth. See if you can find…

I Was Gay for a Day

I Was Gay for a Day

By Maury | July 11, 2018

Weird Dave Man, could Dave play bass! The other Sunday morning musicians wore the appropriate church faces: intense devotion, rapturous joy, earnest contemplation. Not Dave.  Dave would jump around the stage with a maniacal look. If things really started to rock, he would pump his fist and flash the devil horns, a sign made popular…

Truth is a center, drawing us in.

Seven Reasons Why Seeking Truth Is Better Than Spouting Doctrine

By Maury | July 3, 2018

I once loved doctrine. It made me feel safe, secure, and best of all, right. Here are seven reasons I traded in the security of doctrine for wildness of truth. 1. Truth is alive. Doctrine is dead. The pursuit of truth is like a birds in flight, in motion, free to alter course. Doctrine is…

Maury Robertson

How I Lost My Religion (And Rediscovered God)

By Maury | June 21, 2018

How I Lost My Religion Somehow, in the pursuit of God, I lost my religion. Growing up, the love of God was real. I felt it in my family. I saw it in nature. I heard it in music. I wanted all I could get. My Southern Baptist church defined the path for me. I…